Start of Maritime Mediation activity

Maritime brokerage companies that, in possession of the necessary requirements, wish to undertake the above activity from scratch must compulsorily submit a Certified Notification of the start of activity electronically through the Comunica Starweb application.

by submitting the communication file accompanied by the certifications and substitutive declarations required by law, by filling in the “SCIA” section of the “MARITIME BROKERS” form, also including a copy of the deposit .

The receiving Office, within 60 days, will verify the report, the declarations and certifications attached to it. In the event of verified absence of the requirements and conditions of the law, it will adopt measures to prohibit the continuation of the activity, unless it is regularized within the term of 30 days.

The possession of the eligibility requirements established by law for carrying out the activity is certified by filling in the “REQUIREMENTS” section of the “MARITIME BROKERS” form C36.
The individual business owner, all legal representatives of a corporate business, any persons in charge and all those who carry out maritime mediation activities on behalf of the company in any other capacity are required to complete the section referred to in paragraph 1. The subjects following the first one each fill in an interlayer form “REQUIREMENTS”.

The obligation to appoint a person in charge for each operational headquarters of the company: the subject must have the same requirements as the owner. The company that carries out the activity in several offices or local units presents a SCIA for each of them.

Security deposit
The security deposit provided by means of a surety or non-interest-bearing deposit at the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti of the Provincial State Treasury must be attached to the electronic file for sending the SCIA.